Talk Back

Hi! I am Annagail Lynes. I am a lot of things. I am a Pharmacy Technician Function Lead. I am an instructor. I am an artist. I am an author, but the thing I most identify with is being a creative. I love the arts. Whether it is when I go see a play or movie, when I read or listen to a book or enjoy a great piece of music.

When you go to plays often, you sometimes get to enjoy a “Talk Back,” where the actors tell you their process for playing their character. If it is a new play, the writer might be on hand to explain the background on the play from conception to execution. These were always more entertaining for me than the play itself. I love to hear about the artist’s process, the behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the piece or portrayal came into existence.

I am a big Rick Springfield fan (BTW, Jessie’s Girl was not his best work!). I came across a commentary on the songs he sang on his album, Rocket Science. He explained how each one came to be, and in true Rick Springfield fashion, he was so funny I laughed out loud in my cubicle at work. My Function Lead at the time accused me of having too much fun. You know how you hear about people paying for other people’s drinks at Starbucks? This happened to Rick Springfield, so he decided to write Pay It Forward. An indy band wanted to work with Rick, so he told how he collaborated with them to create Miss Mayhem.

For me, the process is as interesting (sometimes more interesting) than the piece itself. This blog is going to serve to show a behind-the-scenes look into my creative process (and hopefully, the creative process of others).

To Be Continued…

Author: Annagail Lynes

Pharmacy technician, published author, visionary, coaches Christian artists to heal from abuse through their art.

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